Wednesday, April 19, 2006

about my links

the links listed at the right are to things that we should really be paying attendtion to.

u.s. casualties
points to that site is all about the dangers we face, globally. it's just my opinion, but i'd say that we created most, if not all, of them. why do I highlight casualties? because although I am against the war that bush started, good americans have been sacrificed and they should not be forgotten or taken for granted.

the cato institute
slogan is "individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace". nuf said.

bill maher - this guy calls it like it is. HBO on friday night at 11pm - a must see. he always has guests who are fairly well-spoken, and tries to have people on both sides of an issue, even when he is squarely on one side. it's worth staying up for.

endangered species takes you to a site that focuses on the flora and fauna that we are killing...permanently.

on-line surveys takes you a site that gives surveys. some are stupid, some help you to see which candidate you are most closely aligned with.

charity is a web site that will help you to not get scammed by bogus charities. as a resident of south florida, i heard way to many stories about people trying to raise money for hurricane victims, but in fact were raising money for themselves. hoepfully, this site will help to prevent abuses like that.

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