Thursday, April 20, 2006

freight trains suck

i know that trains are an important part of our economy, but why do they all have to blow their horns a million times as they go by. it seems as if the conductors use their horns more at night, than during the day. do they feel bad that we are sleeping and they're not? what's with that?

and what about the intersection blocking. i watch these trains PARKED for 15, 20 30 minutes sometimes blocking 3 different intersections. talk about a double edged sword- on the one hand, i think that trains should be shorter to avoid blocking the intersections, but that would only mean that there would be more of them.

quite the quandry, don't you think?

it did not seem so bad until after the hurricanes of 2004, but ever since then, the train frequency has skyrocketed making it almost unbearable.

btw, this would not be an issue if i kept the windows closed all the time, but i like the fresh air.

so, if i want to keep my windows open to enjoy the sweet florida intra-costal breeze, i have to put up with the trains.

that's my issue for this morning.

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Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that nearly all train engineers are assholes. They seem to love screwing with everybody else, especially at 3AM.