Thursday, August 05, 2010

true cloud for the masses

LG U+ cloud service links connected devices, requires a relocation to South Korea to enjoy

Finally, someone gets the above article, then continue with the rest of this post...

It's just my opinion, but the future of the cloud must have one main capability to be truly accepted by the masses...real-time interoperability. What I mean is this...I have an ipad, android phone and laptop. At any given moment, anything I do is replicated across the devices through some type of cloud sync mechanism. Sure I use dropbox for my files, but that does not do it all. Sure Apple has mobile me, but that is geared towards apple devices. What I want is to have everything talk to a unified cloud-based environment so that I don't have to wonder if I have the latest version/update/info on whatever device I happen to be using. Did I mention that this needs to be vendor and platform independent (can you hear me, Mr. Jobs and Mr. Ballmer?)

I don't want to leave out the app developers, either. Guys (and Girls), if you build an app for android, PLEASE, PLEASE build it for the IOS and RIM devices (Same for you IOS developers).

As end users, we will go for best of breed devices, and end up with multiple platforms. Providers and developers need to embrace that reality and step up their efforts. Those that do will be pleasantly surprised at the support that they receive from the masses.

I, for one, would be happy to evangelize anyone that develops their apps for multiple platforms, right from the start.

Btw...if anyone has an IOS app that supports Bruce Schneiers Paaswd Safe, let me's the best password manager out there, but sadly, lacks an ipad/iphone app.

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