Thursday, June 15, 2006

Net Neutrality or CENSORSHIP IS BAD

Allowing ANYONE to control what information is carried over the internet brings us closer to a totalitarian state. Look at what is happening in China, where censorship is the status-quo.

This effort is another in a long history of allowing business' interests to take priority over open communication for the people.

The first step that any tyranny has ever taken in controlling the people, is to control the media. We already experience this every day with our print, radio and television.

By allowing the internet to be run in the same manner, we not allow, but actually guarantee, that the last remaining, truly open lines of communication, will become tainted.

GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE TO HELP KEEP THE INTERNET FREE. WHEN THE INTERNET IS NO LONGER FREE, NEITHER WILL WE. is a site where you can sign a petition, and add your comments on this matter.