Monday, August 28, 2006

Ernesto...Here we go again

Well, here we go, again. The weather pundits are all bent over this tropical event know as Tropical Storm Ernesto. Talk it up folks...get prepared...the world is ending...

The typical mob mentality has also taken hold in the area, with gas lines getting longer by the minute. I'm really happy that we have so many extra cops with nothing to do, so they can baby-sit the crazies on the lines.

I'm not saying that being prepared isn't a good thing, but seriously, why panic?

More to come later.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Net Neutrality or CENSORSHIP IS BAD

Allowing ANYONE to control what information is carried over the internet brings us closer to a totalitarian state. Look at what is happening in China, where censorship is the status-quo.

This effort is another in a long history of allowing business' interests to take priority over open communication for the people.

The first step that any tyranny has ever taken in controlling the people, is to control the media. We already experience this every day with our print, radio and television.

By allowing the internet to be run in the same manner, we not allow, but actually guarantee, that the last remaining, truly open lines of communication, will become tainted.

GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE TO HELP KEEP THE INTERNET FREE. WHEN THE INTERNET IS NO LONGER FREE, NEITHER WILL WE. is a site where you can sign a petition, and add your comments on this matter.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the fattening of america - initial post

Ok, i'll be brief. this is nothing more than a link to a trailer for the new movie "Fast Food Nation", another look into the american food industry marketing machine.

there's a saying, "Eat shit and die" usually used as an insult. If you take it as a statement of fact, it become more like, "If you eat shit, than you will die".

NOW watch the trailer, and listen, and learn...

if the link doesn't work, cut and paste the URL below.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stephen Colbert at The White House

I'm converted! I didn't really like this guy, but then I saw the video of him at the White House Correspondents dinner. I think that he is the gutsiest guy in the world to have said what he did. He pulled no punches and as you'll see from the video, really touched a lot of nerves. I expect Cheney to invite him on the next hunting trip.

Here's the link to the videos...
Colbert in DC

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

could diet be the answer?

Why are poor British men healthier than wealthy American men

A recent study shows that poor British men are healthier than wealthy American men (the story at

After you read the story, think about something - why don't they look at the food consumed by both groups. I suspect that the food eaten by Americans is both highly processed and/or loaded with all sorts of chemicals, while the British diet, is probably composed of minimally processed food with fewer chemical additives.

There is remarkable evidence of the impact that the American food industry has had on our declining health. Unfortunately, the food industry has way more money than their opponents and most of us never find out the real truth until it's too late.

Want more information? check out "The Food Revolution" by John Robbins.

City Place parking meters

valet parking vs. parking meters

I go to City Place in West Palm Beach on a regular basis. I know that parking is limited, so usually park in one of the garages, or behind the Kravis Center, at a parking meter.

Is it just me, or are more and more parking meters being "hooded" and reserved for valet parking?

I don't get it, the city paid to install all those parking meters, which I am sure cost me, a palm beach county resident, something, and yet now I can't use them because some private company gets to profit from them.

I am sure that there is a very valid reason, since, in stark contrast to other local governments, the political scene in WPB is squeaky clean, and that no one has personally profited from this situation. ***BULLSHIT***.

The city has lost the revenue potential from parking meters that my taxes paid for. If I'm wrong, prove it. Otherwise, I shouldn't be the only one who's curious.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Palm Beach International Film Festival

April 20th marked the opening of the 11th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival.

i've never done a film festival before, so it's been quite an experience. it's an opportunity to see all kinds of movies; features, documentaries and shorts, that are not in widespread distribution. i assume that some, if not many, of these films never make it to major release.

so far, i've seen 11 movies, including 2 shorts. two were incredible, a few others were really good while a couple were so-so and one was just plain disappointing.

the top pick, for me, is a movie titled "Miles From Home" about a young man who wanders off the straight and narrow path and ends up in places that most of us can't even imagine. with an amazing script and cast, we experience this man's deepest emotions, while witnessing the traumatic unraveling of his life. it's not all bad, however, for somehow, in all the chaos and tragedy, our hero still finds hope and a future.

be warned, the start of this movie is extremely disturbing. but, if you make it past the first few minutes, you won't be disappointed.

on, i wrote that this just may the best movie that i ever have, or ever will see.
this film is the whole package - the script, the directing, the acting, the filming AND the message.

the official miles from home website

a very close second goes to "Heart of the Beholder". this is a true story about a man who owned a string of video stores in st. louis and how he and his family were persecuted for renting videos that were considered sacrilegious. anyone who thinks that terrorists only come from asia and the middle east need to see this movie.
the official heart of the beholder website

next in line is a tie between "Unconcious" and "Johnny Montana"
these movies are both drama/comedy and were the most entertaining movies that i've seen at the film festival, so far.
Unconcious is a movie about six different people who think that an unconcious man in intensive care is their missing person.
Johnny Montana is a frenetic journey over the course of a year in the life of a young man trying to find his place in the world and in life.

these are the other movies that i've seen:
10th and wolf
quest for nutrition
the third wish
white space (short)
dirt nap
closing time (short)

I will post my comments on these other movies in the near future.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

freight trains suck

i know that trains are an important part of our economy, but why do they all have to blow their horns a million times as they go by. it seems as if the conductors use their horns more at night, than during the day. do they feel bad that we are sleeping and they're not? what's with that?

and what about the intersection blocking. i watch these trains PARKED for 15, 20 30 minutes sometimes blocking 3 different intersections. talk about a double edged sword- on the one hand, i think that trains should be shorter to avoid blocking the intersections, but that would only mean that there would be more of them.

quite the quandry, don't you think?

it did not seem so bad until after the hurricanes of 2004, but ever since then, the train frequency has skyrocketed making it almost unbearable.

btw, this would not be an issue if i kept the windows closed all the time, but i like the fresh air.

so, if i want to keep my windows open to enjoy the sweet florida intra-costal breeze, i have to put up with the trains.

that's my issue for this morning.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

about my links

the links listed at the right are to things that we should really be paying attendtion to.

u.s. casualties
points to that site is all about the dangers we face, globally. it's just my opinion, but i'd say that we created most, if not all, of them. why do I highlight casualties? because although I am against the war that bush started, good americans have been sacrificed and they should not be forgotten or taken for granted.

the cato institute
slogan is "individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace". nuf said.

bill maher - this guy calls it like it is. HBO on friday night at 11pm - a must see. he always has guests who are fairly well-spoken, and tries to have people on both sides of an issue, even when he is squarely on one side. it's worth staying up for.

endangered species takes you to a site that focuses on the flora and fauna that we are killing...permanently.

on-line surveys takes you a site that gives surveys. some are stupid, some help you to see which candidate you are most closely aligned with.

charity is a web site that will help you to not get scammed by bogus charities. as a resident of south florida, i heard way to many stories about people trying to raise money for hurricane victims, but in fact were raising money for themselves. hoepfully, this site will help to prevent abuses like that.

and now for something completely different!

nah, not really. just more of the same. another soul sharing thoughts and experiences with the masses. i used to host my own blog, but didn't like the program i was using so kind of abandoned the idea. this seems much better.

i don't know why i called this blog "mindful chatter" because i can't guarantee that it will be "mindful", although it will certainly be "chatter".

among my interests for discussion are ADHD, yoga, health and diet, and the horrifying world decline.

more to come.