Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Droid2 Global

I admit it, I am a Droid(tm) fan. I bought the Droid1 a few weeks after launch and loved it. It really allowed me to be effective even when mobile without a laptop. Alas, after a year a couple of falls, and just wear and tear, it was starting to show it's age. So, a couple of weeks ago, I replaced Droid1 with Droid2Global. I do travel internationally, and felt the pain of not having service when I went outside the US. The D2G is the answer. So, my first impressions...
The interface is called Blur, and it's quite nice and full of features. Unfortunately, these features suck the batteries dry in a few hours. So for starters, I have removed a bunch of the apps that run by default. Next, I have ordered the extended battery. For an experiment, I also tried an alternative ti Blur, called launcher pro, It's nice, but misses a few things that I feel really need to work. The main thing was one touch dialing. For some reason, LP does not let me create the same type of 1x1 one touch dial on a home screen that the blur interface does. That alone made me go back. On the otherhand, if you do not care about that. then LP seems like a lighter interface that will save battery life.

As for speed? No Comparison; the D2G is blazing fast compared to the D1. I love it.

In general, the D2G is a great phone, and I highly recommend it.