Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Palm Beach International Film Festival

April 20th marked the opening of the 11th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival.

i've never done a film festival before, so it's been quite an experience. it's an opportunity to see all kinds of movies; features, documentaries and shorts, that are not in widespread distribution. i assume that some, if not many, of these films never make it to major release.

so far, i've seen 11 movies, including 2 shorts. two were incredible, a few others were really good while a couple were so-so and one was just plain disappointing.

the top pick, for me, is a movie titled "Miles From Home" about a young man who wanders off the straight and narrow path and ends up in places that most of us can't even imagine. with an amazing script and cast, we experience this man's deepest emotions, while witnessing the traumatic unraveling of his life. it's not all bad, however, for somehow, in all the chaos and tragedy, our hero still finds hope and a future.

be warned, the start of this movie is extremely disturbing. but, if you make it past the first few minutes, you won't be disappointed.

on, i wrote that this just may the best movie that i ever have, or ever will see.
this film is the whole package - the script, the directing, the acting, the filming AND the message.

the official miles from home website

a very close second goes to "Heart of the Beholder". this is a true story about a man who owned a string of video stores in st. louis and how he and his family were persecuted for renting videos that were considered sacrilegious. anyone who thinks that terrorists only come from asia and the middle east need to see this movie.
the official heart of the beholder website

next in line is a tie between "Unconcious" and "Johnny Montana"
these movies are both drama/comedy and were the most entertaining movies that i've seen at the film festival, so far.
Unconcious is a movie about six different people who think that an unconcious man in intensive care is their missing person.
Johnny Montana is a frenetic journey over the course of a year in the life of a young man trying to find his place in the world and in life.

these are the other movies that i've seen:
10th and wolf
quest for nutrition
the third wish
white space (short)
dirt nap
closing time (short)

I will post my comments on these other movies in the near future.

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