Monday, August 09, 2010

Great, but what about the text books?

Mass romance novel publisher going all in on e-books

Great, but where are the text books and academic books?

My wife just bought a Nook at Barnes & Noble. The thought was that she can load all the books required for her graduate courses could be carried in a much lighter format. Unfortunately, out of 16 books, only 2 were available as ebooks. And yes, we looked on Amazon to see if the Kindle would have been better...nope. She will probably keep the Nook, after all, she is a voracious reader...I don't know anyone who reads more than her. But not being able to have her texts and required reading on the Nook was a real disappointment. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that there is ANY book that is not stored in electronic format, so what's the problem???

So here's my request to all the publishers, I know that the profit motive dictates that mass appeal books should be available as ebooks, but please do not ignore the opportunity to support academia by publishing the more esoteric works that students require.

Everyone knows that ebooks are the future. There is a lot to be gained by supporting the students.


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