Friday, September 03, 2010

White space broadband to be finalized (at last) this month

White space broadband to be finalized (at last) this month

It's hard to imagine the impact that this will have on society. What is important here, is the fact that there will now be another avenue of delivery for broadband services. I believe that this will make high speed internet available to many more people, at a fraction of the cost. As a community, this means that there will be more opportunity for the under served to be able to access services, such as distance learning, and other information. I also see applications in emergency services, and community outreach.

The internet paradigm needs to be viewed and treated much like phone services, in that it should be readily, and cheaply available to all. I do not think that it should be regulated based on type of services, either. I do not want my comments to be taken as contrary to my support of Net Neutrality.

The internet should be available to all, on an equal basis. If that means subsidizing services, so be it - our government has that responsibility, and should protect us from any challenges to the freedom of communication.

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