Wednesday, May 18, 2011

android to iphone...two weeks later

Well, I never expected to be the one to go down this road, but I am now an iphone user. I'm still with Verizon, but I have abandoned Android for the iphone.

The reasons this came about are pretty simple. First I had the original Droid. It was very good, great, in fact, for the most part. Through my own misuse (dropped a couple of times) it started to act up on me and signal strength started to suffer. Perhaps I had damaged the internal antenna...who knows. Add to that, the fact that the phone was strictly CDMA so I could not travel out of the country with it. My last vacation I was frustrated by this, and the fact that both my wife (AT&T iPhone) and best friend (Blackberry) has coverage everywhere we went.

So I got home and just pondered...I thought about the Droid2, but that was just an updated phone. THEN I SAW IT!!! The Droid2 Global. My prayers were answered. I researched and read and decided that the D2G was the next phone for me.

I got the phone, transferred everything over and started to use it. It was fast, ran like a charm, great signal everywhere I went, AND the promise of coverage overseas. Then it started. I began to have issues with the phone rebooting on its own. Then calls would have no speaker and on mic...and it would happen with no warning and I would have to reboot the phone to get it working again, never knowing when it would happen again. I Took it to the store and the offered to replace it. I agreed and got a refurb...seriously...a REFURB in place of my 4 week old phone...SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!

anyway, I tried that phone and in the first week, same thing. So I hard reset it, took off all the apps, and used the phone as if it were fresh out of the box with nothing music, no photos, no ringtones, no other emails except for my gmail account....nothing. It made no difference.

I went back to Verizon, Paid the money and got the iphone. Very simply, it works fine. It's different from Android...there a several features that I miss, but in the end, the phone works reliably and it's stable.

I know that I am back to CDMA, and I'll have to live with that, but since I don't travel internationally THAT much, it's not a huge issue.

My take on all this is that Android wants to be more open and free, so the apps and things might not get vetted as well as IOS apps. Everything has a cost...with Android, its stability on some phones, with apple, is being locked into whatever they approve and the knowledge that they can remotely disable or remove apps and features that they don't want you to have.

I'm happy with the iphone. I miss my android, but I don't miss the problems. If things change, I'll post an update.

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