Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jeep Life

I didn't realize that it's been 6 years, since I last posted something.

My wife and I live in Colorado, and we bought a 2010 Jeep JK 2-door.

It was supposed to be hers.

We were going to leave is mostly as is.

Maybe a couple of lights, and a winch.

Then we discovered JK cOlllllllOrado, on FB.

Then we did our first outing to Slaughter House.

Then I installed Terraflex Quick Disconnects.

Then I found a used JCR stubby.

Then a whole bunch of used Rigid lights.

Then a used sPod.

And bought a winch.

That was 2 to 3 months ago.

Next week, the lift, tires, gears, locking diffs and first set of skids will be done. (Including swapping the front D30 for a D44, with Nitro sleeves, G2 Placer Gold 35 spline axles)

So's become my project.

I owe my wife a Jeep.

I'm an idiot.

More to come.

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